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October 4th, 2023
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Real Estate Tips Of The Week

Posted on Dec 06 in Free Educationby PrintText Resizer Text Resizer

  1.  When you are thinking of selling/buying a house, just know that you are not alone. If you need help or guidance, try searching online for forums, or contact a local real estate agent who can give you some tips & pointers.
  2. Remember that there is already a presumption that bank owned properties sell way under the market value. So if you’re looking to flip your REO quickly, be sure to price it under the market value.
  3. Try and study the market and see what houses are going for in your area. See what condition the sold houses were in, and assess your house. See if you can figure a ballpark price for your house.
  4.  Do your homework. Go online and research, and educate yourself on the market, trends, and anything else that you need to know before you start investing.
  5. If there is any chipped, faded, or peeling paint inside or outside of your house, make it look new by using the same color to touch up the old paint.
  6. Typically you will pay a little less for a foreclosure home, if you purchase it right when it forecloses. Try not to wait until after the bank or mortgage company has finished processing it.
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