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July 31st, 2021
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Marketing Your Business 101

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1) Print Business Cards- If you have no money, then you have to start an account with www.vistaprint.com. They give away FREE business cards and if you check now, it’s FREE shipping too!! OMG!! How can you beat that?

Imagine getting yourself a business card…you’ll look professional, impress your friends and can you imagine having your own business card at age 8 ?(Ask your parents to order it for you kids!)

How cool is that?

Once you get your cards, network! network! and do some more networking!

2) Facebook, Linked In, Myspace, Twitter – These are social media networking websites where you can unite with friends, family and can serve as a good way to promote your business. Let people know what your up to these days and services that you provide.

3) WebBlogs- Blogs are a great source to use where threads are created on different topics and you can share anything from experiences, photos etc with people. People who share the same interest as you will naturally tune in if they like your content.

4) Websites- www.yola.com, www.webs.com , www.weebly.com , www.homestead.com www.jimdo.com and even Google (Google Site) provides free website services !

From my experience, everybody starts a website but fails to maintain it. Website takes a lot of work because you have to constantly provide useful content, interesting articles, quality videos and more..which consumes a lot of time. Most websites are created but no traffic is ever drawn to it. It’s a full time job and you should seek someone to maintain and host your website. (Let me know if you are seeking website developers, graphic artists, cinematographers etc..)

5) Online Classified Ads- Most popular is probably Craigslist.org. There are many other free classifieds online but you want to choose a marketplace that people recognize. Keep in mind that as certain places become more popular like craigslist, people start to spam and companies start to flood the marketplace with ads and junk. Discovering something effective will take multiple trial and errors.


6) Postcards & Flyers-

Understand what your target market wants. The design and message of the marketing piece is important. It must attract your target audience otherwise your hard work will become trash lying on the floor. Make sure that you distribute the flyers in a location where there is a large volume of people that you want to target. There are many mailing service providers and the post office is one of many that can help you mail out your campaigns.

7) Signs

Place yard signs everywhere as long as the local community does not complain and as long as you are not breaking the law. You may want to find out if there is a license associated with placing signs on trees, poles etc. In the past, the city had chose random people to be made examples of by suing companies for millions of dollars. After all they have to consistently hire someone to take down your signs while you go put them back! Be courteous.

Billboards and bus benches are effective as well. Just make sure you perform due diligence before signing any long term contracts. Magnetic signs become ads on the move when placed on a car. It should be large, noticeable and your message must be clear.

8) Small Display Ads

Local phonebooks, local weekly newspapers, and magazines are a good way to reach out to the community.

You can also run display ads driving traffic to a web site and/or free recorded message. Quick Response “QR” codes are becoming popular and what it does is allow a device like your phone scan a code and direct you to a website, ad or message you want to share.

9) Local Classified Ads

Very targeted approach and doesn’t really cost too much because the responses and leads you receive will pay for the ad itself. Make it short and to the point. The person of contact can help you with this. The more words you put, the more it’ll cost you.

10) Large Newspaper Display Ads and Large Phonebook Ads

I hear this is very effective if your target market uses the phonebook or reads the newspaper. I have not yet been able to afford this method of marketing yet.

11) Referrals

Quality service leads to referrals. This has always been the best form of advertisement. If you notice people asking you for help all the time, it just means that what you’re doing is valuable (may not be monetary until you start to charge). Remember not to over promise or spread yourself too thin with time. I’ve noticed too many instances where good people are eager to help others but end up over promising and not performing.


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